Bureau of Ethical Dilemmas

Integrity is crucial in your personal life.
Our mission is to help you make it crucial in your work life too.

Integrity doesn't come easy. It means commitment to moral principles and recognizing the value of reputation. It involves dilemmas. We set up the Bureau of Ethical Dilemmas to help you resolve them, because we believe that every company needs to have integrity among its core values.

We take pride in helping you build an integrity system that is embedded in your company and in its dealings with regulators, partners and customers.
Bureau of ethical dilemmas
Elena Panfilova and Anton Pominov's

Resolving ethical dilemmas

Managers are often faced with ethical challenges. We call these challenges "dilemmas", because they do not have a single correct solution. Our function is to look deep into the essence of your dilemma, assess the risks and recommend a course of action.
Examples of dilemmas
I am the CEO of a contractor. A customer invites me to draft the terms of reference for a bid and then take part in the same bid. What could be the consequences?
I know that the management of the company where I work steals from shareholders. What should I do?
I am the founder of a creative agency, which I set up, and I am offered an attractive work assignment by a client. My functions will include the selection of contractors for creative tasks. How do I resolve the conflict of interest?
I am the subject of an internal investigation. What should I do to minimize harm to myself and my colleagues?
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in the corporate sphere

Our mission is to make integrity a part of working life. We help companies to design and operate ethical and compliance processes.
We can help you to:
Build an integrated accountability framework that includes formal compliance procedures, adapt and fine-tune specific parts of the framework.
Outsource the services of an ethics commission
Reduce risks in existing processes, ensure compliance with international standards and recommendations.
Conduct independent corruption-related risk assessment and understand how to minimize such risks.
Develop a strategy for letting your partners, customers and other relevant stakeholders know about your success in ensuring integrity.
Access the experience and services of anti-corruption and ethics professionals from outside Russia.
Provide relevant training to managers, shareholders, employees and other relevant parties
Risk-n-Roll is a tool for assessing and mitigating the professional risks, to which companies, organizations and teams are exposed. We built it based on our own consulting experience, taking account of requirements of the FCA (United Kingdom), directives of the European Union, and recommendations issued by FATF and Transparency International.

Integrity for donors and CSR programs

Our mission is to make integrity a way of life in the work place. Long experience in the non-profit sector gives us expertise in the design of transparency and accountability tools for programs of grant support and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We can help you find the right balance between control and initiative, reporting and freedom of action, regulation and discretion in work with grants and CSR. We can:

Adjust the level of transparency for your system of grant provision.
Draw up a list of governance requirements for prospective grant recipients.
Set up accountability mechanisms.
Help you set the optimal balance between control and freedom of the implementing parties.
Carry out due diligence of grant applicants.

Elena Panfilova

Elena's professional roles from 1999 to the present have included founder, general director and chairwoman of Transparency International-Russia. In 2014-17 she served as vice-chair of the Transparency International coalition against corruption. She has helped to design compliance systems for some of Russia's biggest companies, and is the author of courses on professional ethics taught at the National Research University-Higher School of Economics, the Higher School of Business at Moscow State University, and the Russian Presidential Academy of the National Economy and Public Administration.

Since 2020 Elena teaches courses on anti-corruption and good governance at Moscow's Free University.

Anton Pominov

Anton is an economist by education. He has 12 years' experience of anti-corruption, professional ethics and integrity work.

In 2014-2020 he served as General Director of Transparency International-Russia, one of the most prominent NGOs in Russia (over 2000 media mentions per year). Under his leadership the team of Transparency International-Russia expanded to 45 people working in five offices across the country.

From November 2017 to the present Anton has served as an elected member of the Membership accreditation committee of Transparency International.
About us

Timur Kakabadze

Timur's background is in advertising, consulting and communications. He has 13 years of managerial experience, including chief executive roles at advertising agencies and work with Russian and international companies in a range of industries.

Timur's skill is to help companies, their owners and managers be better, faster and bolder in crucial projects, ongoing or planned. He coordinates and advises projects at the junction between management, innovation, strategy, infrastructure development and creative disruption.
Projects which we have supervised in the past five years:
Transparency in corporate reporting in Russia
Monitoring of political campaign financing
Supervising the team that created dumabingo.ru, a resource on the interests of members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Shadow reporting on Russia's compliance with the GRECO recommendations.
Monitoring of public procurement in the Russian penitentiary system, regional government, the national system to address emergency situations, etc.
Expert work for educational and research projects of the Council of Europe.
Integrity of NGOs, including government-sponsored NGOs.
Provided training on anti-corruption and integrity issues to state and municipal public officials, and worked as a teacher at the political science department of the internationally acclaimed National Research University-Higher School of Economics in Moscow.
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